say no to suicide


I no know say na wetin e wan do! As I see am when e come back, I know say wahala dey because im face no good kia kia but I no know say e don reach this level…

Tola stuttered as she tearfully narrated the story of what transpired earlier in the evening to the crowd who had gathered in their compound.

“I bin dey here here o, Iyaa Rasheed came back from market come say make I help her buy boole from Shalewa place. As I come dey comot, na im uncle Alade just dey drop from okada. I look im face come see say im face no good gaan… (sobbing) I greet am, e no answer me. As I come back, I say make I tell Iyaa Rasheed make e ask am wetin dey make am feel like that. Mama Rasheed say make I go im domort go call am. As I reach, I knock sote hand begin pain me, e no answer. I come open the door, na so I see say Uncle Alade don commit suicide o!!

Hei!!!! Came the thunderous uproar from the crowd who had been listening keenly waiting for Tola to break the news of the reason why she alongside her neigbours were wailing so loud.

Alade is a young handsome man of about 25 years old. He was the only son of his parents. His father had died in a ghastly motor accident when he was about 3 years old. This left him alone with his mother who worked so hard to see that he goes to school. She went through thick and thin to pay for his secondary and university education. Alade’s father was a well to do man but upon his death, his uncles devoured all his assets leaving his mother with little or nothing to live on.

Growing up for him was worst than hell. Practically everything around him was not working. One could easily say that they were cursed; He was very brilliant and worked so hard to make a good result from the university but getting a job was hell for him. He was either given one reason or the other why he could not be given a job by all the companies he went to. looking back at his childhood and his current state, he lost the will to fight!

” Life itself is against me” he usually said to his friend Adekunle. Adekunle’s story was no different from Alade’s. You know what they say.. “birds of a feather flock together” The duo had met at a satchet water producing company which had placed an advert for the post of a Sales personnel. On getting there that fateful day, they waited alongside other job seekers only to be kept waiting for over 6 hours. Others withdrew gradually till Alade and Adekunle were left. They were finally told to leave by the security as the job was no longer open for interviews. Feeling so devastated, they both walked out from the premises in hunger and anger and from that day, they became friends.

His problems got all compounded the day his friend Adekunle took him to see a prophet. Alade was sitting in a corner at a garage waiting for his friend. Adekunle arrived smiling like one who had won a lottery or perhaps picked a white man’s bag full of dollars.

“Today is our big day AlaAla I have gotten the solution to all our problems. We are finally going to say bye-bye to poverty.

“I met a friend of mine whose contact i lost long ago” Adekunle said snapping his finger in a bid to make Alade understand how long it had been.

“If you see my guy now… He was riding a benz; when I say a benz, I mean B.E.N.Z”

Alade kept staring at him blankly.

“You met an old friend of yours and so? Is that going to put food on your table tonight? Alade retorted in absolute disgust

“It is not going to put food on my table tonight Alade; It will put food on my table for ever, Cars in my garage, money in my bank account, mansions in my estate…”

“What exactly are you driving at?” came Alade’s abrubt intrusion.

His name is Baba Alao. Baba Alao is a very powerful man of God. I heard that if we go to him, all our problems will end….

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