Even in the worst places lies hidden treasures unseen. Out of our weaknesses our strengths untapped come  alive. The world is no bed of roses but we sure can choose to get roses & make our beds with them. No matter what you might be going through, just know that God cares for you. I know these words mean nothing to some people out there but it is meant for those who feel like their place in the world is among thorns.

Have you faced sorrowful circumstances to the point that you begin to wonder if God destined you for an ugly life. Do away with your worries and received strength from the knowledge that God cares about you. We all face difficulties and ugly circumstances. I am not left out! Oh yes! There have been times when tears roll down my eyes.


There  were times I kept asking God why? Ofcourse that is a terribly foolish question to ask for who are we to question God? Did I mention there was a time when I thought God was a partial God? I felt He created men and selected the ones He loved and gave them the best of life; little did I know that no one had it all. In due season, the Lord makes all things beautiful. Today, I look back and bless the name of the Lord for how far He has brought me. Today I am sure I am His favourite and today I can boldly say that the Lord Cares for me

I talked of myself just so you know you are not alone. Therefore, It does not  matter the issue you are facing; be it financial difficulties, academic hardships & all of such, just know the Lord is with you. All you need to do is what the Bible tells us in 1 Peter 5:7 (Cast all your burdens on Him for He (God) cares for you)

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